The Learning Motivation Questionnaire

Willing learners are self-motivated, thrive on challenge and change, and take responsibility for their learning and development. The more they want to learn, the easier and more sustainable it becomes - and the greater their contribution now and in the future.

Yet many people are wary of taking the first step - perhaps because their enthusiasm for learning has been sapped by negative past experiences.

The Learning Motivation module of the Learning Series comes to the rescue by showing people how to recapture their zest for learning by:

  • holding positive beliefs about the worthwhileness of learning
  • having enthusiasm about learning as an activity
  • showing curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • demonstrating the courage to take risks in order to learn
  • showing resilience in the face of setbacks and disappointments.

How it works

The user completes an online self-assessment questionnaire (a process that takes about 10 minutes) and receives an immediate diagnosis of his/her current learning motivation. With these results, he/she also receives a tailor-made personal development plan. Built-in benchmarks enable the user to score him/herself against norms for different groups and he/she can compare his/her current results against previous results. Online links take the user to practical and digestible advice on implementing development suggestions and to related resources.